August 2022 Vulcan County Family Resources

Hi Everyone,

Happy August. I hope you are finding fun ways to stay cool. Maybe in the Vulcan or Champion Pool, or one of the lakes or rivers in our county. Just be safe around the water. Scroll down to Fridays to see the FREE public swim in Vulcan. Please share the email, posters and resources with friends, families, and clients.

Camps and Activities for Kids

Kids Day Out –August in Lomond and Arrowwood (See attached poster) Register online at or call 403-485-2192

Little Adventurers – Vulcan Ages 2-5 Rainbow Literacy and Learning Society (See attached poster)

Big Adventurers – Vulcan Ages 6-9 Rainbow Literacy and Learning Society (See attached poster)

Youth in Action – Vulcan 2-3pm Mondays Starting July 11 Rainbow Literacy and Learning Society

Champion Moms and Tots- Fridays at 10 – School Playground for the month of August

Carmangay Library Programs

Tuesdays 1-5 – Carmangay Library Program with guests! Everyone welcome, all ages & skill levels

Thursdays 1-7 – Barons Pop-Up Library

Thursday 1-4 – Kids program in Barons – all ages & skill levels welcome

Fridays 10-Noon – Kids Program at the Carmangay Library

August 2nd – Petland @ 3PM

August 6th at the Fair – Science Games & Activities with U of L

August 6th – Drive-In Movie – Uncharted @ 9PM (or whenever it gets dark)

August 9th – Fire Safety @ 3PM

Summer Reading Programs

Lomond – Thursdays 1-3

Arrowwood – Tuesdays 1:30

Milo – Tuesdays at 1:30

Champion – Mondays and Wednesdays 10-12

Town of Vulcan Recreation Camps – Register at (See attached poster)

Vulcan Volley Aug 8-12 Grade 5-12

Creative Camp Aug 22-26

Tumbling Tots

Creative Camp

Lifeguard courses – Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross – Aug. 21-26

Local Events

Aug. 3, 10, 29 – Storywalk in Milo, Champion and Arrowwood

Aug. 5 – Champion Bike and Fire Safety Rodeo 1-3:30pm Champion School Parking Lot Register at 403-485-0212

Aug. 5 – 6 – Carmangay Fair and Sports Day Weekend. (See attached poster)

Aug. 7 – Milo Lions BBQ and Car Show 1:30pm (See attached poster)

Aug. 8 – Alien Inline Skating in Champion (See attached poster)

Aug. 12 – Vulcan Lions Fundraising BBQ at Market Street Foods 11am-2pm.

Aug. 13 – Bike4Vets Poker Run (See attached poster)

Aug. 20 – Carmangay Garage Sale Day

Aug. 22-26 – Creative Camp. Go to to register.

Aug. 26 – Movie—Jurassic World Dominion 9:30pm Pool Park (See attached poster)

Aug. 27 – Vulcan RCMP and Victims Services Golf Tournament (See attached poster)


Champion Library Summer Reading Program 10-12


Coffee is on at the Carmangay Community Centre 2-4pm Cost $1.

Pickleball – 10am at the Vulcan Arena. Paddles are available if you would like to give it a try. Register at

Arrowwood Library Summer Reading Program 1-3:30pm.

Milo Library Summer Reading Program 1:30-3:30pm

Carmangay Library Program with guests! Everyone welcome, all ages & skill levels.

Get-A-Way Youth Centre – Summer Hours 1-6pm for 10-18 year olds at 105A 3rd Ave. S. Vulcan. 403-485-6033. Ping-pong, pool tables, foosball, air hockey, video games, crafts and music!


Quilting – Carmangay Seniors Centre 9am-12pm.

Champion Library Summer Reading Program 10-12

Seniors Social – 2pm Lomond at the Drop-In. Games, cards, coffee, etc.

Little Adventurers – 10-11am

Big Adventurers – 11-12

Get-A-Way Youth Centre – Summer Hours 1-6pm for 10-18 year olds at 105A 3rd Ave. S. Vulcan 403-485-6033. Open for Teen Night from 6:30-9pm for ages 13-18 yr. olds.

Adult Basketball – 8pm at the CRC.

Wednesday Wine Night at Clay In Kiln


Creative Minds – Carmangay Seniors Centre 9:30am -12pm for any type of project.

Coffee is on at the Carmangay Community Centre 8-10am Cost $1.

Farmers Market – Vulcan Legion 3-6pm

Man Cave – 1-3pm for men of all ages to hang out, visit, play pool, ping pong, foosball, cards, puzzles or games. 105A 3rd Ave. S. Vulcan.

Get-A-Way Youth Centre – Summer Hours begin July 7th 3-6pm for 10-18 year olds at 105A 3rd Ave. S. Vulcan. 403-485-6033. Ping-pong, pool tables, foosball, air hockey, video games, crafts and music!

Bring Your Own Project – Milo Seniors Centre 1-4pm.

Drop-In Adult Slo-Pitch – Mossleigh 7pm

Beach Volleyball – 8pm. Beach Pit at the Pool. Ball is at the pool office while open.


Yoga – Milo at the Drop-In at 10am

Mom & Tots – Champion Legion 10-11:30am

Friday Fun Days at the Vulcan Library – 1pm Call to register 403-485-2571 or come in to sign up. Aug. 5, 12, 19, 26.

Fun Fridays – Carmangay Library 10am-12pm. Games, activities, snacks, crafts and fun!

Get-A-Way Youth Centre – Open 1-6pm at 105A 3rd Ave. S. Vulcan 403-485-6033. Ping-pong, pool tables, foosball, air hockey, video games, crafts and music!

Pickleball – 10am at the Vulcan Arena. Extra paddles if you would like to give it a try.

Free Public Swim – Courtesy of the Vulcan Lions 6:10-8:30


Vulcan Legion Meat Draw – 3-6pm.

Vulcan Legion – Drop-in Pool at the Hall 3pm. $5/person. No membership required.

Monday – Saturday

Vulcan Senior Centre Drop-In 9am-12pm


Family Literacy Programs and Dates (See attached poster)
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Family Literacy Programs August 2022″]

Adult Literacy Programs in Arrowwood (See attached poster)

ESL Conversation Café (See attached poster)

Canadian English Language Program

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society (See attached poster)

Eyeglass Recycling – Don’t throw away old glasses. They can be recycled and repurposed thanks to the Lions Clubs of Canada (See attached poster)

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Eyeglass Recycling”]

Alberta Counselling Announcing Counselling Alberta, a new partnership between the Government of Alberta and Calgary Counselling Centre. Counselling Alberta provides Albertans access to effective counselling without a waitlist or financial barriers.

Support Groups

-Every Tuesday and Thursday – AA – Alcoholics Anonymous – Meetings are at 8pm. Contact Gary at 403-485-5818

-Al-Anon Family Group – meetings as needed. Contact Betty at 403-652-8285

-Wednesday’s – SMART Recovery – 7pm Addiction Support Meeting. Call Beth at

403-485-1054 for information.

-Thursday’s – Men’s Healthy Relationship Group – 6-8pm Registration details at

-MUMS – Peer-to-Peer Maternal Support for pre- and post-partum. Weekly confidential phone calls. Call Families Matter at 403-205-5194.

Ouch! Tips on taking care of sunburned skin this summer

A sunburn is skin damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Most sunburns cause mild pain and redness but affect only the outer layer of skin. These are called first-degree burns. The red skin might hurt when you touch it. These sunburns are mild and can usually be treated at home.

Skin that is red and painful and that swells up and blisters may mean that deep skin layers and nerve endings have been damaged. These are second-degree burns. This type of sunburn is usually more painful and takes longer to heal.

How can you care for yourself at home?

• Use cool cloths on the sunburned areas.

• Take cool showers or baths often.

• Apply soothing aloe vera to sunburned areas. Do not apply lotions to blistered skin.

• A sunburn can cause a mild fever and a headache. Lie down in a cool, quiet room to relieve the headache. A headache may be caused by not getting enough fluids, called dehydration, so drinking fluids may help.

• Take anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce pain, swelling, and fever. These include ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve). Follow all instructions on the label.

• Use lotion to relieve the itching when your skin peels. There is nothing you can do to stop skin from peeling after a sunburn. It is part of the healing process.

• Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, hats with wide brims, sunglasses, and loose-fitting, tightly woven clothing that covers your arms and legs.

Caring for blisters

Small blisters usually heal on their own.

• Do not try to break the blisters. Just leave them alone.

• Do not cover the blisters unless something such as clothing is rubbing against them. If you do cover them, apply a loose bandage. You can use tape to hold the bandage on, but do not let the tape touch the blisters.

• Avoid wearing clothes or shoes or doing activities that rub or irritate the blisters until they have healed.

Larger blisters, which are the size of a nickel or larger, usually heal without problems.

• If you have a large blister, you can consider draining it, unless your doctor told you not to. Clean a needle with rubbing alcohol or soap and water, then use it to gently puncture the edge of the blister. Press the fluid in the blister toward the hole you made. Wash the blister after you have drained it, and pat it dry with clean gauze.

• Do not remove the flap of skin covering the blister unless it tears or gets dirty or pus forms under it. The flap protects the healing skin underneath.

• Put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the bandage before you apply it. This will keep the bandage from sticking to the blister. Do not use alcohol or iodine on the blister because these may make the blister heal more slowly.

• Do not wrap tape completely around a hand, arm, foot, or leg because it could cut off the blood supply if the limb swells. If the tape is too tight, you may develop numbness, tingling, pain, or cool and pale or swollen skin.

• Change the bandage every day or when wet or dirty. Soak the bandage to remove easily.

When should you call for help?

Call your doctor or 811 now or seek immediate medical care if:

• You have signs of needing more fluids. You have sunken eyes, a dry mouth, and you pass only a little urine.

• You have signs of infection, such as:

o Increased pain, swelling, warmth, or redness.

o Red streaks leading from the area.

o Pus draining from the area.

o A fever.

Information from AHS


-Sales Associate – Furniture Villa

-Rocky Mountain Renovations is hiring skilled trades people (all disciplines) and labourers. Class 5 Drivers License is an asset. Wage depends on experience, any experience considered. Company based out of Carmangay. Please contact Wyatt at (403) 393 8303 for more info & to apply.

-Youth Program Coordinator –

Found on

-Sheep Manager—Yetwood Farms

-Healthcare Security Guard – Paladin Security (Vulcan)

-Parts Person, Labourer – Brandt John Deere

-Fertilizer Facility Operator – UFA Vulcan

-RCMP Detachment Guard – Vulcan

-Highway Maintenance Worker – Volker Stevin

-Track Maintainer/Labourer – CP Rail

-Client Service Representative – CIBC

-Sales Supervisor Retail – Mohar Law

-Sales Supervisor – Big Sky Beer, Wine & Spirits

-Customer Service Insurance – Western Financial Group

-Gravel Quarry Supervisor – Gogravel Inc.

-Overnight Healthcare Security Guard – Paladin Security Vulcan

-Construction, Solar Installer, Wind and Solar Farms- Borea Construction

-Facility Assistant I – Parrish & Heimbecker Vulcan

-Satellite and Internet Technician – Integrated Solutions

Found on

-Marketing Specialist, Train Associate/Server – Aspen Crossing

-Healthcare Aide – AHS Vulcan

-Housekeeping/Laundry -Extendicare

-Operations Asisstant – G3 Canada Carmangay

-Health care Aide – Staffy Canada

Residential Support Staff – Wheat Country Special Needs Society

-Commercial Tire Technician – Fountain Tire

-Healthcare Aide – Extendicare

-Agro Driver, Facility Assistant – South Country Co-op Lomond

Found on

-LPN and RN positions – Extendicare