Face Masks

There is growing interest in the value of face masks. Medical research suggests that masks of any kind are likely helpful in reducing the transmission of a virus, however, effectiveness will vary depending on the type of mask and how it is worn.

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) has provided guidelines on the wearing of face masks and how to make one for yourself. The document can be downloaded HERE.


Arrowwood Community School

Arrowwood schools humble beginnings began in 1915 with a small school located just outside of the village.  In 1920, the Arrowwood Consolidated School (the first one in Alberta) was built on the present property.  There have been additions throughout the years, and in 1965, the current building was built.  In 2012 the school experienced a fire that destroyed a majority of the building, which has since been beautifully renovated.
Principal –  Rachelle Prud’homme
Vice Principal – Rusty Tannant
Box 180Arrowwood, AB T0L 0B0
Phone: 403-534-3825
Fax: 403-534-3780